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Introducing & Driving Innovation Forward


Limited to 16 participants. Open to the private sector.

Who Should Attend

Middle and Entry Management Level employees that want to better understand what "Innovation" is all about and explore the tools and processes to make it a reality.


Many people don’t feel they are creative, so helping people see opportunities for innovation in both breakthrough leaps and continuous improvement can generate new ways of thinking. Key concepts to do this include creating idea fluency, applications of red and green light thinking, and using group participation to apply an innovation process.
Current leaders or future ones tap into the power of human potential. They accept that they alone do not have all the answers, customer knowledge, and new ideas needed to move an organization forward. The Innovation Process moves a leader through the steps necessary to turn vision into reality. This process applies where innovation and better methods of doing things are needed.
After completing this workshop, you will be able to identify and encourage idea fluency and facilitate an Innovation Process that moves from possibilities to solutions, essentially to how to establish and maintain a robust, "Innovation" culture in our Organizations.

Program Objectives

• Develop an "Innovation Culture" in your Organization
• Become proactive instead of reactive in Change Management
• Recognize and encourage idea fluency
• Facilitate an "Innovation Process" for problem solving and continuous improvement
• Create a safe environment for the exchange and flow of ideas
• Get employees to buy into the Organization’s goals
• Give people a sense of ownership in their jobs
• Conduct worthwhile performance reviews based on an "Innovation Culture" embedded in the Organization
• Delegate efficiently project items/tasks
• Run meetings to expose and monitor Innovation Projects' effective application