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“Creative Leadership” - Foursight


Limited to 24 participants. Open to the private sector.

Who Should Attend

This course is intended to develop leaders who cultivate creativity within their organization. Instruction is designed for executives, department or division heads or other leaders seeking to evolve their own development while creating a climate for innovation and breakout results.


The greatest influence on an organization’s climate for innovation is the behavior of its leaders. This course focuses 3 days on the requisite skills, behaviors and attitudes that enhance personal leadership and fosters cultures where ideas and people flourish. Participants learn what cues and signals they are projecting and how to increase personal ability to motivate, influence and engage others. The workshop examines leaders’ attitudes about risk, experimentation, cooperation, and follow through critical to spurring innovation, greater teamwork and results. Participants gain valuable practice, coaching and feedback and emerge as cultivators of creative behaviors in themselves and others.

Program Objectives

During this workshop, you can expect to:
• Gain insight into your leadership style and how it is perceived and interpreted by others
• Understand personal creative strengths and key growth areas
• Cultivate skills for risk taking and openness to novelty
• Become skillful in anticipating why others act the way they do