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Five Core Competencies for Promoting Innovative Teamwork


Open to the private sector only. Limited to 20 participants (first come first serve basis)

Who Should Attend

This program is intended for mid-level leaders and managers who are responsible for teams and individuals that require innovative solutions related to:
• New products and services, sales and marketing
• Productivity and quality improvement
• Talent recruitment and development
• Knowledge management
• Business models and strategy
• Customer service and social responsibility


Innovation is never achieved by a single person - it's a team activity that requires a high degree of synergy - "having your energy together" - to innovate at your best. Innovative teamwork:
• Actualizes the potential of each person to be innovative and think innovatively
• Stretches people to new levels of learning and innovative achievement
• Promotes trust and collaboration with team members who have diverse viewpoints
• Has a healthy mix of roles among team members – following, interacting and leading
• Is based on commitment, conscious risk-taking, character, collaborative learning, creativity, cooperative decision making, congruence of thought-word-action, and celebration of results

To achieve these aims, mid-level leaders and managers need to understand, embrace, and practice five core competencies:
• Establish a common language & understanding for innovation
• Stimulate innovative thinking
• Guide the innovation process from start to finish
• Foster a team climate for innovation
• Strengthen good character and courage

Program Objectives

This workshop will give mid-level leaders and managers a comprehensive overview and personal insights about the five core competencies that promote innovative teamwork:
• The Basics of Values Centered Innovation™ to establish a common language, understanding and concepts for the art and discipline of innovation
• Innovative Thinking to build the skills and versatility for four distinct Innovation Styles® and their impact on the process of innovation
• The Innovation Process to provide the guidance, stimulation and discipline to innovate from start to finish, across cultures, departments and specialties
• Team Climate for Innovation to strengthen the eight qualities that directly impact each task in the Innovation Process and enable team synergy for collaborative innovation
• Human Values to strengthen the good character and courage it takes to make a positive impact on the what, why, and how of innovation