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Find Out Why


Open to the private sector only with minimum education qualification of having a Bachelors degree. Limited to 25 participants. Program cost is covered by KFAS. The registration will close upon either the deadline date of September 19, 2019, or upon exceeding the maximum number of applications received.

Who Should Attend

For leaders, managers, and individuals at every level who understand and want to understand why customers make the choices they do


Find Out WHY is a foundational solution for everyone involved in innovation and anyone who serves customers—paying or non-paying, external or internal. It provides the essential mindsets, skillsets, and toolsets to help people deeply understand the experiences their customers desire when choosing and using products and services, and then use that knowledge to drive successful innovation.

Find Out WHY is based on 25 years of research and practice by Clayton M. Christensen, Harvard Business School professor and one of the world’s most influential business leaders, and Bob Moesta, President of The Re-Wired Group and experienced innovator who has been involved in the development and launch of more than 3,500 products, services, and businesses across a variety of industries.

Program Objectives

By the end of the program -Through the Find Out Why framework – you will THINK DIFFERENTLY recognize the impact of understanding why customers make the choices they do.