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Parallel Thinking and Creativity


Open to the private sector only. Limited to 25 participants. Program cost is covered by KFAS. The registration will close upon either the deadline date of August 22, 2019, or upon exceeding the maximum number of applications received.

Who Should Attend

Employed in a private sector company. Has more than 2 years experience and is proficient in English.


This 4-module workshop covers a broad landscape. We investigate different types of problem and a wide range of practical approaches for solving them. Participants will be able to apply the tools and techniques we explore directly to problems that they bring to the workshop. We shall use the usual training techniques of lecture, individual and group exercises, questionnaires, games and puzzles.

Program Objectives

At the end of this program, you will be better able to:
* Understand and practice different approaches to problem solving;
* Manage your emotional responses to problems and the stress that they cause;
* Identify your preferred problem-solving style and become a more versatile problem-solver;
* Understand and apply four levels of problem ownership;
* Use a framework for categorizing, tackling and solving problems that draws on both rational and intuitive skills;
* Develop a more creative approach to solving problems; and generate practical solutions to problems.