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Ideas and Innovation Program


Open to the private sector only. Limited to 20 participants (first come first served basis). Program cost is covered by KFAS. Registration closes March 15, 2018.

Who Should Attend

Managers from Innovation, Culture, HR and R&D, and Business, Product and Marketing Leaders who want to take a solution focused approach towards generating innovative ideas for products and services in the workplace.


You will learn about innovative mindsets to adopt. You will gain innovative methodologies to design and develop ideas and solutions. You will exercise innovative mastery through creating solutions for real-life challenges in your workplace. This three-day Ideas & Innovation Program culminates with a Pitch Contest where participants will experience communicating and launching their innovative ideas.

Program Objectives

-Understand why creativity and innovation are imperative to personal and professional success

-Learn a systematic approach to designing and developing innovative ideas

-Catalyse a culture of innovation & discover tools to assist in managing creativity in your workplace

-Learn how to pitch your ideas, and how to sell your ideas before you build them

-Analyse current problems in your workplace and identify possibilities for development