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“Breakthrough Thinking for Innovation Course” - Foursight


Up to 26 participants. Open to the private sector.

Who Should Attend

This session is geared toward middle management responsible for motivating and guiding teams to drive new value and organizational impact. During the course, participants will deliberately practice and apply tools and skills toward a current business challenge to move it forward, while receiving coaching and feedback. For those looking for creative solutions to complex problems and how to get more impact from a team, this course can help you make the leap.


This intensive 3-day workshop gives managers, team leaders and other high performers a deep dive into the creative process that drives innovation. Participants learn and practice tools and techniques that foster more productive team collaboration and problem solving. Beyond building the mindset, toolset and skill set that lead to good thinking; we encourage team participation (2-4 members per company) to come to the course with a pressing business issue. Throughout, participants apply training real time to a complex challenge and accomplish meaningful work.

Program Objectives

During this training, you can expect to:
• Gain thorough practice of a creative toolset and a proven innovation process
• Discover your personal thinking style and gain appreciation for the creative preferences of others
• Accelerate people’s capacity to innovate and deliver value from ideas
• Make meetings and brainstorms more productive
• Manage through resistance and overcome barriers to innovation
• Help groups move ideas into action and successful implementation
• Apply lessons while working on a real challenge, not a case study.