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Open Programs

  • Session Date: 28 Jun 2020

    Lego Serious Play: Leading High Performance Teams

    This program is a 3-day interactive learning workshop where delegates will participate in a variety of exercises and activities designed to facilitate self development and team building. With the element of “play”, immersion and engagement come to ef...

  • Session Date: 08 Sep 2020

    Spark A Culture of Innovation

    Overview of Program This highly experiential training program will get you to learn about your own strengths and how to use them to jumpstart innovation in your team and organization. Come ready to learn how to apply innovative processes and tools t...

  • Session Date: 13 Sep 2020

    Leading Change

    This highly experiential program focuses on how to identify and use your influencing style to lead change in your organization. Come ready to learn how to deploy change tactics in ways that will truly accelerate change and change adoption. • Learn a...

Upcoming / 2020 Programs

  • Session Date: 01 Dec 2020
    Registration will open September 6, 2020

    Managing Millenials

    Designed as a two days work session based on a study about Millennials and their managers called the Generation Rapport Inventory (GRI), it looked at the conflict that sometimes exists between managers and their younger employees. One of the key diff...

  • Session Date: 24 Nov 2020
    Registration will open August 31, 2020

    Agile Thinking

    A program that will help individuals to recognize how they can become more agile in their thinking and transfer this into their behavior in the workplace to build rapport and co-create results with others....

  • Session Date: 17 Nov 2020
    Registration will open August 25, 2020

    Innovative Selling Skills

    This class provides participants with the strategic selling skills and strategies needed to confidently and effectively prospect, sell, close and manage accounts. Participants will learn the techniques necessary to sell from a strategic vantage point...

  • Session Date: 25 Oct 2020
    Registration will open July 19, 2020

    Social Media Strategy & Management

    Learn how to reach your target audience online using social media advertising. You will learn about the different ad formats across each platform and when you should use each one, depending on what marketing objective you want to achieve....

  • Session Date: 20 Oct 2020
    Registration will open July 19, 2020

    Digital Marekting

    Our Digital Marketing course has been designed to provide you with an insight into the role of digital tools within the modern marketing environment. We'll explore the theoretical and strategic approaches to digital marketing, as well as include enga...

  • Session Date: 27 Sep 2020
    Registration will open June 24, 2020

    Developing Effective Teams

    In this course, teamwork benefits and how to form an effective and efficient team are the core points. Dealing with others in your team is a skill that everyone in the organization should excel as it ends up with higher productivity and better work e...

  • Session Date: 22 Sep 2020
    Registration will open June 24, 2020

    Customer Service Exllence

    Customer Service Excellence is an integrated series of topics that build on each other to drive understanding and behavior change in attendees. It has been developed using global best customer focused practice and is highly interactive with a series ...

  • Session Date: 29 Mar 2020
    Registration is Closed

    Customer Experience Masterclass

    Contrary to the misconception, Customer Experience (CX) is not about CRM software, pampering your customers and showering them with freebies and discounts, or about going digital for the sake of it. This hands-on three-day masterclass is designed pur...

  • Session Date: 09 Feb 2020
    Registration is Closed

    The Outward Mindset

    In this workshop, participants learn the difference between an Inward Mindset (a myopic focus on personal objectives) and an Outward Mindset (taking into account their impact on others) and begin to see the extent to which they have been operating an...

  • Session Date: 26 Jan 2020
    Registration is Closed

    Mindfulness Workshop

    This program takes a deep dive into the world, principles and practices of mindfulness – a concentrated state of awareness & attention that helps people see and respond to situations with clarity. We explore mindfulness not only in the context of a p...

  • Session Date: 21 Jan 2020
    Registration is Closed

    Emotional Intelligence

    The Emotional Intelligence Masterclass is an insightful 3 Day program that helps delegates learn more about themselves using the Emotional Intelligence Competency Framework and they will take away the tools and skills required to better manage themse...

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