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2018 Programs

  • Session Date: 24 Apr 2018
    Registration Closed

    Creativity and Innovation in Problem Solving

    Company staff need to make decisions and solve problems at work on a daily basis, whether in conducting their daily tasks or as part of a continuous improvement...

  • Session Date: 17 Apr 2018
    Registration Closed

    Ideas and Innovation Program

    The word innovation has become and remains a buzzword in the corporate world. But what does innovation mean? What does an innovative business look like? What are common traits among the most innovative leaders and companies? How can you participate i...

  • Session Date: 27 Mar 2018
    Registration Closed

    Design for Impact

    The overarching framework and methodology presented in this course are the culmination of more than four years of research and application....

  • Session Date: 13 Mar 2018
    Registration Closed

    Innovation Immersion

    This intensive 3-day workshop gives managers, team leaders and other high performers a deep dive into the creative process that drives innovation. Participants learn and practice tools and techniques that foster more productive team collaboration and...

  • Session Date: 05 Mar 2018
    Registration Closed

    Designthinkers Bootcamp

    This intensive Bootcamp will guide you through the design and innovation cycle in four fast-paced days. Each day will focus on a specific stage so you’ll build up your knowledge progressively and learn new tools. Together with your course team, you’l...

  • Session Date: 11 Feb 2018
    Registration Closed

    The Innovation Masterclass

    The Innovation MasterClass is an experiential deep dive into innovation so that you can kickstart and accelerate innovation within your organisation. In this 3 day workshop, you will learn & experience a sustainable, repeatable system of innovation t...

  • Session Date: 28 Jan 2018
    Registration Closed

    Leading Innovation for Managers

    This 3-day program for managers is built around OneLeap’s Harvard Business Review-featured innovation process, the Venture Sprint™. Participants will gain the practical tools and confidence needed to drive impact through innovation. Participants wil...

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