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Creative Thinking Workshop


Open to the private sector only. Limited to 20 participants (first come first served basis). Program cost is covered by KFAS.

Who Should Attend

Ideal candidates will have a minimum of a Bachelor’s degree and have a level of autonomy of how they do their work – so that they can quickly apply what they have learnt.Candidates need to be proficient in English – at least college level spoken and written proficiency and have at least 3 years work experience, preferably more than 5 years.


Unleashing individual and team creativity with the complete creativity tool-kit and a unique creative process model. Developing fresh thinking and new ideas with hands on creative thinking tools and techniques to help fuel creativity and overcome creative blocks.
Creativity at work is all about developing new perspectives, generating new ideas and solving practical problems. This is why creativity is essential for organisations who need to achieve and maintain a competitive edge. Knowing how to consistently generate new ideas and new thinking will benefit the development of any organisation – creativity isn’t just relevant; it’s essential.
The workshop provides a unique introduction to how the creative process works. Organisations and individuals are encouraged to bring along real life situations which are tackled by a broad range of practical creative techniques which can be used in the workplace.

Program Objectives

If you need to bring fresh thinking to bear on real business challenges, then this is the programme for you.

-Develop your problem-solving skills – learn how to tackle any issue you are faced with from a fresh, new angle.
-Generate new ideas – using the different techniques you can produce many new ideas quickly and effectively.
-Take your business forward – innovative thinking to develop a competitive edge.
-Save time – by understanding how to unleash your creativity, never again spend hours labouring over one problem.
-Improve team morale – if everyone has the skills to think more creatively, you can all contribute and feel empowered.