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Creax Innovation Training


Open to the private sector only. Limited to 24 participants (first come first served basis). Program cost is covered by KFAS

Who Should Attend

Those involved in technical innovation and R&D:

-Innovation managers
- R&D managers
- Engineers
- Product developers
- Marketing managers
- Business development managers


CREAX offers a hands-on training for systematic innovation.
Learn how CREAX tackles innovation based on 16 years of
experience in supporting R&D processes of various market
leaders. To that end CREAX utilises a 4 step method for
innovation developed by our innovation partner AULIVE.
This unique approach, called the AULIVE Method, with roots
in the Russian TRIZ methodology, provides a systematic
framework for technology-oriented innovation and creativity.

During the course, participants learn how to incorporate the
4 steps process in their daily innovation and problem solving
activities. Trainees apply the straightforward method to
structure creative solution generation and to discover how
knowledge can be transferred across industries.

Program Objectives

During the course, participants learn to apply a 4-step approach for:

- Faster idea generation in product development
- Finding proven solutions from other industries to technical challenges
- Streamlining the innovation process
- Identifying new applications for existing products and technologies
- Developing stronger Intellectual Property
- Thinking outside the box in a structured way