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4MAT Mastering Training Design


Limited to 15 candidates. First come first served basis. Program cost is covered by KFAS. Open to private sector employees

Who Should Attend

This basic 4MAT training is for HR employees, project leaders and people who want to
explore a unique learning process and model for communication.


4MAT Mastering Training Design - is an internationally recognized training programme used
worldwide by people who work professionally with learning, development and leadership.
4MAT is a unique process model, based on a number of highly recognized theories about
people development and learning. 4MAT is about the natural learning process and how you
create and optimize the learning and development environments.

Program Objectives

During the training the participants will gain insight into:
• Diversity - we all learn different
• The 4 learning styles
• Brain preferences
• Significant concepts
• Using models as framework
• The natural learning cycle
• Designing programs, training, meetings, public speaking and communication in
general following the 4MAT model