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Emotional Intelligence


Who Should Attend

This workshop is ideal for experienced business professionals.


By completing this workshop, participants will:
• Improve and advance their career & life with Emotional Intelligence (EI)
• Understand their EI strengths & areas for improvement to cultivate positive
• Gain knowledge of different EI strategies to improve engagement & relationships
with stakeholders at all levels
• Develop empathy and apply empathic listening when responding to
stakeholders’ needs
• Strengthen interpersonal skills to better communicate with others
• Be better able to handle conflict and challenges
• Recognise and deliver appropriate responses and behaviours while under stress

Program Objectives

1. Understanding Emotional Intelligence (EI) & Its Impact In Business
2. EI Competency Framework
3. EI Strategies & Skills For Building Competency At Work & Life
4. Self & Social Awareness
5. Self Regulation & Managing Emotions
6. Self Confidence & Presence
7. Self & Relationship Management
8. Self Motivation, Initiative & Drive
9. Personal Effectiveness
10. Empathy
11. Techniques To Manage Stress, Conflicts & Overcome Difficult Situations
12. Culture Of Collaboration & People Centric Work Style