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The Innovation Masterclass


Open to the private sector only. Limited to 20 participants (first come first served basis). Program cost is covered by KFAS. Registration closes January 25, 2018.

Who Should Attend

This workshop is ideal for experienced business professionals who seek to kickstart or accelerate innovation within their organization and are interested in becoming more innovative thinkers.


The Innovation MasterClass is an experiential deep dive into innovation so that you can kickstart and accelerate innovation within your organisation. In this 3 day workshop, you will learn & experience a sustainable, repeatable system of innovation that you can
implement in your organisation to help you reframe and overcome your business challenges, seek innovation opportunities, bring ideas to execution as well as create a culture of innovation.

Throughout this innovation journey, you will learn best practices from key pivotal case studies of organisations that have succeeded as well as failed in their innovation attempts, so as to understand key drivers of innovation success, and how to adopt them into your own organisation. Aside from the key frameworks, tool kits, models & techniques that you will learn in this Masterclass, to prepare you for your innovation journey, you will also be introduced to cutting edge neuroscience techniques to help you become a more innovative thinker, by unleashing your creativity and visual thinking skills. By the end of this workshop, participants will be well equipped with everything they need as well as an action plan to kickstart and accelerate innovation within their organisations.

Program Objectives

• Get a Deep Dive Understanding of Innovation in Business
• Learn To Solve Business Challenges
• Seek out New Innovation Opportunities
• Be Armed With a Toolkit to Manage & Execute Ideas
• Become More Innovative Thinkers
• Replicate & Adopt a System of Innovation Within Their Organisation